FAQ - How to Watch a Race

If you’ve never seen a bike race up close, you’re missing out on one of the most incredible sports in the world. Unlike ‘stage races,’ such as the Tour de France, which occur over great distances, this is a sprint-style race, with a short, 1 kilometer course that is lapped over, and over and over again, while spectators line the streets to watch. These types of races are known as Criteriums. Follow these helpful tips so you can enjoy this sport as the Europeans.

"When do I show up?"
Early. Cycling can be an all-day affair – and it should be. In order to "understand" a race, you need to see the beginning, middle and end. It's both an individual and a team sport, and the more events you watch, the greater understanding you'll have of the tactics.

Spend the day in Delray Beach. Come for the Delray shops and dining, and stay to watch the pros.

"What do I bring?"
Most seasoned cycling fans know what to do – it's a day outside with friends and family. Bring a few fold-up chairs, a cooler, and comfortable clothes. We suggest you pick a spot and make it home base. And don't forget memorabilia for autographs.

"Can I move around?"
Absolutely – it's encouraged. The Start/Finish line will be the ideal place to get autographs and take pictures. It's also a great place to see how a race begins and the excitement of the finish. But, don't stay there. Delray Beach offers some challenging turns that shapes the race. Be sure to see the racers as they speed through Delray Beach and take the turns at 40+ mph before launching towards the Finish line.

"What if I have a question?"
Just look for a Race Marshal – they're the guys with the "USA Crits" shirts- they'll give you the inside scoop.




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